Common Service Centre(CSC)

The CSC Scheme is a flagship scheme being implemented under the National e-Governance Plan (NeGP) by the Department of Information Technology (DIT). The CSC is conceptualized as the ICT enabled front end service delivery outlets enabling smooth and transparent governance at the village level for delivery of Government, Financial, Social and Private Sector services in the areas of agriculture, health, education, entertainment, FMCG(Fast Moving Consumer Goods) products, banking, insurance, pension, utility payments, etc..

Below are the list of CSC(Common Service Centre) operating in Tamenglong district:

Sl. No. Name of VLE Name of CSC CSC Location & Address Sub-Division Contact No.& Email-ID
1. M.K. Ngamthuilung CSC-Awangkhul Awangkhul Village, B.P.O. Awangkhul, P.S. Noney Tamenglong 8413973577
2. Rajanglung Gonmei CSC-Dailong Dailong village Tamenglong 9436285985
3. Khangswan Khumba CSC-Haochong Haochong Village Tamenglong 8974537443
4. G.G. Kakalung CSC-Keikao (Namkaolong) Keikao Village Tamenglong 9436686452
5. Gaisinngam Pamei CIC-Tamenglong Block SDO/BDO Office Tamenglong Tamenglong 9436086932
6. Rikhi Poukin CSC-Tamenglong Tamenglong HQ, Ward No. V Tamenglong 9402409227
7. Thailungpou CSC-Chingkao Chingkao Village Tousem 9436687961
8. Rambisin CSC-Longchai Longchai Village, B.P.O Kaiphundai Tousem 9862378142
9. Thenthang Singson CSC-Phaitol Phaitol Village Tousem 9612299765
10. Ireigang Panmei CSC-Phoklong Phoklong Village Tousem 9436681501
11. Chunthailung CSC-Sibilong Sibilong Village Tousem 9612205318
12. Lunglinang Newmai CSC-Taningjam Taningjam Village Tousem 9402425113
13. D. Anthony Panmei CSC-Thiulon Thiulon Village, BPO Thuilon Tousem 9436852919
14. BH. Lunglei CIC-Tousem Block BDO Office Tousem Tousem 9436033798
15. Liudailung Panmei CSC-Oinamlong Oinamlong Village Tousem 9436683575
16. Hatanglakbou CSC-Kuilong-I Kuilong Village Tamei 9402889035
17. Lungambou Abonmei CSC-Lamlaba Lalamba Village Tamei 9436086457
18. Moses CSC Old Takou Takou Village Tamei 9402429291
19. N. Takamthui Newmai CIC-Tamei BDO Office Tamei Tamei 9436425060
20. W. Dinraibou CSC-Tamah Tamah Village Tamei 9436077921
21. Bungdum Phaomei CSC-Charoi Chakotlong-II Charoi Chakotlong-II Nungba 9862412557
22. Chungpuijei Paul Kamei CSC-Kambiron Kambiron Village Nungba
23. Jonah Rongmei CSC-Khongsang Khongsang Village Nungba 9612059246
24. Gaichamdinpou Gangmei CSC-Khoupum Dimdaijang Village Nungba 8974862477
25. Dimthaorei Norbert Pamei CSC-Noney Longmai, Noney Bazaar Nungba 8974546727
26. Atu Thomas Malangmei CSC-Nungba PO/PS Nungba Nungba 9612996583
27. Meigailung Kamei CSC-Nungnang Nungnang Village, PO Noney Nungba 9612248235
28. Poujuakdai Kamei CIC-Nungba Block BDO Office, Treasury Building, Nungba Nungba 9612848687
29. Lienkhohao Th Gangte CSC-Longpi Longpi Village, PS Nungba Nungba  
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