Deputy Commissioner Shri R.H. Gonmei addressed the public gathered at the Lower Ground, Tamenglong DHQ on the occasion of 66th Republic Day Celebration, 2015.

Following is the Deputy Commissioner’s address/quotes on the occasion:-

Dignitaries, the Guest of Invitees, my dear Contingents, Ladies and gentlemen. Let me take this great opportunity to address the country on this occasion of the 66th Republic Day of India.

India became a republic country on 26th January, 1950. It is a day of joy for the citizens, who celebrate on this day with great enthusiasm and gaiety throughout the country. India is a democratic country and thus its government is of the people, for the people and by the people. This truly means the people are the masters and rulers of the country.

On this occasion of the 66th Republic Day, 2015 that we are celebrating today at the lower ground of Tamenglong Head Quarters and at the outset, I, on behalf of the District Administration would like to extend greetings and warmest welcome to each and everyone to this occasion. The weather is good. The situation is conducive and peaceful. While we are celebrating this national important day, we need to remind ourselves about the great works done by national pioneers and leaders of the great contributions done by them for the nation. They have imprinted visions for the future of India on various fronts. Working under their visions the country is now emerging ahead of other countries and elevated to that of a developed one. Scarcity of food grains and malnutrition is now no longer there in the country. Great achievements are there in the field of science and technology, agriculture, horticulture, health, veterinary, human resource development, road and air communications etc.

In the context of Tamenglong District, there are signs of development. Under various National development schemes basic minimum facilities are provided. All villages are connected with road communications under Rural Connectivity program. Health for all has been provided under various schemes implementing Rural Health Mission. Every village has been connected with power supply. Drinking water supply has been provided even to the far flung villages. Under the noble Prime Minister’s Swachh Bharat Mission sanitary low cost latrines have been provided at every strategic locations. In order to impart proper education provisions of Right to Education has been implemented. Education institutions are established with necessary infrastructure. New schools and colleges are added every year.

Tamenglong district is particularly known for horticultural products. Apart from other citrus and fruits, the district is well known for Orange production. The taste and quality of orange of Tamenglong is of a world class. Considering this fact as significant, the Government of Manipur has declared, "the Orange found in Manipur as Tamenglong Mandarin or Tamenglong Orange in the 11th State Level Orange Festival, 2014 held on December-9, 2014 at Tamenglong District Head Quarters.

There are much more prospects for development in different areas as well in this district if and when the people of the district are willing to work harder. With a hope to attain higher achievement of advancement in various fields, let us all strive together and make this district a shining one.

Thank you all.

DC Tamenglong
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