Deputy Commissioner Shri M. Luikham addressed the public gathered at the Lower Ground, Tamenglong DHQ on the occasion 69th Independence Day celebrations, 2015.

Following is the Deputy Commissioner’s address/quotes on the occasion:-

Today on this auspicious occasion of 69th Independence Day, I convey my greetings and best wishes from the bottom of my heart to each one of you gathered here for a very happy Independence Day. I would like each one of you to recollect and remember the struggle and sacrifices made by our past leaders that help and lead us to live as a free nation. There is no parallel to our unique and selfless struggle for independence from the powerful British. This historic Day has been observed since 69 years ago. Our independence was a culmination of many movement and unique non-violence movement advocated by Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, the father of the Nation. It was a momentous moment on 14th August, 1947, when the then British relented and handed over the rule of dominion of India to Indians and from that historic day onwards Indians a one march towards the future. I pay my respect and homage to all those who laid down their lives for the country’s independence and on this day citizens of India cherish the memories, selfless and great deeds done by our freedom fighters.
Deputy Commissioner, Tamenglong and Superintendent of Police, Tamenglong

On this occasion, I would like to highlight noteworthy initiatives of development that have been taken up in this district.

Tamenglong which is one of the backward districts in the country needs special attention to address various developmental imbalances in terms of socio-economic upliftment, poverty alleviation infrastructure development and emancipation of Scheduled Tribes which is the dominant group in the district. To ensure gainful employment for the rural people predominantly engaged in primary agricultural occupation MGNREGS have extensively helped in creation of social useful assets like farms, community buildings etc. The focus of this programme is to promote agricultural related works whereby food production potential are increased thereby providing better food sustenance for the villagers.

In order to address persistent regional imbalances of development the Backward Region Grant Fund which is subsumed under Rashtriya Sam VikasYojana (RSVY) covers Tamenglong district. BRGF programme covers 250 districts in 27 States of the country. This programme is oriented towards reducing the deficit gaps in developmental schemes and programs. Construction of roads to connect remote villages, minor irrigation projects, water harvesting structures and community durable assets are given priority. In India, Christians are notified as minority community under the Minorities Act, 1992.

The faith of the people in Tamenglong is predominantly Christians and a special programme – Multi-Sectoral Development Programme for minority concentrated district is implemented in the district. Under MSDP 90 (ninety) minority concentrated districts have been identified. Districts that are relatively backward and falling behind the national average in terms of socio-economic and basic amenities/ infrastructures are being given priority for upliftment. This project gives the scope to meaningful intervention to build up infrastructures for education such as schools, hostels for scheduled tribes and deprived minorities housing for scheduled tribes, safe drinking water amenities, sanitary toilets, basic health care buildings etc.

To bring about sustainable livelihood and diversification of agricultural activities in agriculturally backward and low agricultural production areas Integrated Watershed Management Programme have been introduced. The major objectives of IWMP is to usher in innovative and diversified agrarian production by adopting rain water harvesting practices, contour bunding, soil conservation, forest and environment awareness. This multiple initiatives is to augment and optimize the resources potential of the land in terms of food production and other income generating occupation. In brief it promotes diversification of agricultural occupation to other gainful income generation activities for the whole year thereby removing seasonal employment.

A notable programme is ‘Make in Manipur’ initiative taken up by the department of Commerce and Industries. ‘Make in Manipur’ programme is ambitious, innovative, pragmatic and workable. It seeks to incentivise small and marginal farmers to grow agricultural produce for big industrial houses. The concept of Make in Manipur particularly for Tamenglong is that big industrial houses and firms will buy specific agricultural produces such as citronella and other exotic plants in bulk at reasonable rates. Soft loans seeds and technical expertise will be extended to farmers for mass production of selective cash crops. This programme once implemented will not only bring gainful employment to many but also bring prosperity to the district.

Under NABARD SDC – Rural Innovation Development Fund (RIDF) have been promoting collective small scale entrepreneurship by forming Self-Help-Groups. One of its notable achievement is setting up of a micro processing unit based on solar energy in July, 2015 in Bolongdai village of Nungba block. The appreciable contribution is the convergence of efforts made by NABARD Central Agricultural University KrishiVigyan Kendra (KVK) Tamenglong and a NGO (PESCH). This kind of activity needs to be replicated throughout Tamenglong to bring in meaningful income generation for the rural people where special skills are not required. NABARD under RIDF (Rural Innovative Development Fund) has shown the way for building up agricultural infrastructures at Awangkhul and Jongkaijang by promoting services and irrigation projects. Apart from training programmes for skill development of Self-Help Groups, group leaders under RIDF Micro Enterprises Development Programme (MEDP) have been some of the activities taken up in the District.

To make governance meaningful and beneficial and to make and ensure a transparent and accountable Government ‘Digital India’ Programme have been launched in Tamenglong district in July, 2015, Digital India Programme is to bridge the digital divide between urban and rural people by connecting villages electronically, digitally empowering the villagers in terms of access to knowledge, information and services. It plans to make online services available at your door step a reality and in this manner it will enable people living in rural villages to submit applications and forms online and also avail services and information.

It will be the District Administration endeavour to start the widening of the construction of Khongsang-Tamenglong road. There are several procedural hurdles to overcome in order that this construction of this important link road connecting Tamenglong to Imphal and elsewhere materialise very soon. However, let us not ignore the importance of cooperation by villagers residing between Khongsang and Tamenglong. Smooth handing over and taking over of land without encumbrances to enable the work agency to start the work is of primary importance. Unfortunately, there has been delays and although acquisition of land process is over the cooperation and understanding of villagers in this road who are to be paid compensation is imperative and earnestly solicited. Let us not forget that Tamenglong is in the threshold of quantum jump in development. Construction of Jiribam-Tupul-Imphal railway line passing through Tamenglong district is progressing satisfactorily. Plans are being drawn up for widening of NH-37. Construction of Imphal-Kangchup-Tamenglong road under ADB (Asian Development Bank) is about to commence and preliminary field survey and consultation of various stake holders will take place soon. Here, the issue of Land acquisition and payment of compensation are crucial and involves the collective cooperation of the public in general and affected land-owners in particular. Paramount interest of all development activities is to bring better road communication and all round development which is imperative for progress and prosperity. On this day I would therefore, urge every citizen particularly those in Tamenglong district to lend their unstinted support with forbearance and understanding to bring a positive change in Tamenglong from backwardness to one of the leading districts in the state and perhaps in the future in the country.

Let it be the aspiration of Tamenglong people to be second to none in motivating the youth to greater achievements in fields of sports, education and technology.

Last of all this country needs peace and harmony. Manipur is like a mini India where many ethnic communities live. This state needs unity in diversity and this slogan can be a reality if all of us put our heads down, work sincerely with dedication for the upliftment of all. Let us work hard to make this state proud and to stand tall.

Jai Hind!

DC Tamenglong
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