Tamenglong District which is the most difficult and underdeveloped district in Manipur has 1 District Hospital, 1 CHC, 6 PHCs and 30 PHSCs. The number of regular medical staff in the health department is about 213 employees and those on the Family Welfare Department are about 22. Because of frequent transfer and posting of staff, the data needs to be updated every month. The medical staff working in health and family welfare is under the control of the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) who is also the DDO. Some of the staff of the Family Welfare services are controlled by the District Immunization Officer (DIO) who is also the DDO.

Dr. Chambo Gonmei is the Chief Medical Officer In-Charge and by virtue of the post he is the District Mission Director (DMD) / CEO of the District Health Mission Society, Tamenglong.

Under the umbrella of the Health Services there are different health programmes implementing in Tamenglong district such as:

1.      District Immunization Cell under Family Welfare Services

2.      Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme (IDSP)

3.      District Vector Borne Diseases Control Programme (DVBDCP) under NVBDCP

4.      National Leprosy Eradication Programme (NLEP)

5.      Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme (RNTCP)

6.      National Blindness Control Programme (NPCB) under Manipur State Blindness Control Society

7.      District AIDS Prevention and Control Committee /Unit (DAPCC/DAPCU)

8.      Anti-Retro Viral Therapy Centre (ARTC)

9.      Prevention of Parent to Child Transmission (PPCT)

10.    Integrated Testing & Counselling Centre (ICTC)

11.    National Tobacco Control Programme (NTCP)

12.    Drug De-Addiction Centre (DDAC)

All the various health programmes will be converged under the National Health Mission very soon.

The various District Nodal Officers of the Health programmes are:

·         District Immunization Officer (DIO) – Dr. Namjupou Panmei who is the Member Secretary of the of District Health Mission Society, Tamenglong

·         District Malaria Officer (DMO) – Dr. Azin Maringmei who is the Member Secretary of DVBDCP, Tamenglong

·         District TB Officer (DTO) – Dr. Chambo Gonmei who is the Member Secretary of District TB Control Society, Tamenglong

·         District AIDS Officer / District AIDS Control Officer (DAO/DACO) – Dr. Z. Kamei who is the Member Secretary of DAPCC, Tamenglong

·         District Leprosy Officer (DLO) – Dr. Edwin Golmei who is the Member Secretary of the District Leprosy Control Society, Tamenglong

The other Nodal Officers identified by the CMO, Tamenglong for executing various health programmes are:

1.      ART – Dr. GuidiathiuKahmei, MO i/c District Hospital, Tamenglong

2.      RTI / STI – Dr. Bonthaoliu K. Gangmei, MO, District Hospital

3.      PPTCT/ICTC – Dr. Nathanael Daimei, MO, District Hospital

4.      DDAC – Dr. Kachungailiu Gonmei, MO, District Hospital

5.      IDSP – Dr. RochunlungSavio Kamei, MO, District Hospital

CMO’s Office Tamenglong:

1.      Chief Medical Officer In-Charge: Dr. Chambo Gonmei

2.      Head Clerk In-Charge: Mathiukhin Gangmei, UDC

3.      Food Safety Officer – L. Subrata Singh

4.      K. Donthaolung, LDC

5.      San Rongmei, LDC

6.      Y. Jilla Singh, MSO

7.      Rebecca Gonmei, Bill Assistant

8.      N. Ashokumar, Pharmacist

9.      L. Sharangajit Singh, Driver –cum – Mechanic

10.    Md. Nizamuddin, driver

11.    K. Chinglen Singh, driver

12.    Taguiyang, Peon

13.    L. Mani Singh, Peon

14.    Ringsui Gonmei, Gr. IV

15.    R. Chingkhiupou, Peon

16.    TP. Hubi, Chowkidar

Health Institutions:

1.     District Hospital:


2.     Community Health Centre (CHC): 1


3.     Primary Health Centre (PHC):6       

i)  Haochong
ii) Tamei
iii) Tousem
iv) Oinamlong
v) Khoupum
vi) Noney

4.    Primary Health Sub-Centre: 30

1) Sonpram
2) Dailong
3) Inrianglong
4) Wairangba (Duiluan)
5) Akhui (Chaengdai)
6) Taobam
7) Awangkhul
8) Rangkhong
9) Thingra
10) Nurathel
11) Nagaching
12) Chaton
13) Lenglong
14) Kabonram
15) Taningjam
16) Namtiram
17) Atengba (Makoi)
18) Aben
19) New Kaipundai
20) Nungkao (Longkao)
21) Khongsang
22) Mukti Khullen
23) Longpi
24) Gallon
25) Longkaiphun
26) Nungnang
27) Dolang
28) Thangal (Longjang)
29) Nungleiband
30) Luwanglong (Lubanglong)




A)     District Hospital

There is only one District Hospital situated in the District HQ and is the only first referral unit. Since there is no Medical/Hospital Superintendent posted, the Chief Medical Officer is overall in charge of the hospital affairs.

The District Hospital has 36 beds with 4 wards (male, female, child & maternity), AYUSH Wing, labour room, casualty room, OPD Block, ARTC, Dental room, Medical Store room, Clinical laboratory, IDSP room, X-ray room, Kitchen, Registration Counter, laundry, Sweeper room, MO duty room, Drug dispensing room, Sister duty room, Operation theatre and Hospital store room. DAPCU is also attached with the OPD block including RTI/STI, PPTCT & ICTC. Immunization & DEO room has been identified temporarily. Since there is no OPD block in the hospital designing and construction the Blood Bank constructed under NACO by MACS is being utilized temporarily for out-patients department. There is no sufficient room for examining OPD patients. Small minor OT room and nurse duty room has been identified.

The medical facilities available in the hospital are:

·         24 hours health care & emergency / casualty services

·         24 hours institutional delivery

·         24 hours ambulance service

·         X-ray facility

·         Ultrasonography examination (if radiologist/expert in U/S is available)

·      Clinical laboratory for blood RE, urine RE, stool RE, sputum for AFB, Blood MP, Widal&Typhifast, Syphicheck/VDRL, LFT. KFT, Lipid Profile,  MantouxTest, etc.

·         IPD and OPD services

·         Dental service

·         AYUSH streamlining service

·         Operation Theatre – functioning since June 2013

·         Free medicines in the OPD and IPD according to availability

·         Anti-snake venom & other emergency drugs

·         Radiant warmer

·         Pulse Oximeter

·         ECG

·         Immunization Cell

·         Isolation ward

·         RTI / STI

·         ART

·         ICTC & PPTCT




a)  As of now the following Medical Officers are posted at the District Hospital, Tamenglong

Allopathic doctors:

1.      Dr. GuidiathiuKahmei, MO i/c

2.      Dr. K. BonthaoliuGangmei, MO

3.      Dr. Nathanael Daimei, MO

4.      Dr. GaiduanreiliuGangmei, MO

5.      Dr. DilimpouPamei (MD, Dermatology), MO

6.      Dr. Th. Khellendro Singh (MD, PMR), MO

7.      Dr. AchuinaGolmei (MD, Microbiology), MO

8.      Dr. N. Nilapadama Singh, MO

9.      Dr. Kachungailiu Gonmei, MO

10.  Dr. RochunlungSavio Kamei, MO

11.  Dr. Rishilu Kamei, MO – undergoing PG in Forensic medicine



12.  Dr. M. Megharaj Singh, Dental Surgeon

13.  Dr. A. Bikash Singh, Dental Surgeon

14.  Dr. Deborah Gonmei, Dental Surgeon – undergoing PG MDS

15.  Dr. Thuakumei Kamei, Dental Surgeon – attached at PHC Khumbong but drawing salary at the CMO’s Office, Tamenglong



1.      Dr. Sanakhonbi Devi

2.      Dr. Aguilu Palmei


·         No specialist doctors are available at the District Hospital

·         No Medical / Hospital Superintendent

·         No Nursing Sister or Sister In-Charge (Regular)



Require a minimum of 14 specialist doctors: EXISTING REQUIREMENT
i) General Physician (MD) :0 1
ii) General Surgeon (MS) :0 1
iii) Obs & Gynaecologist (OB & GN) (MD or DGO) :0 1
iv) Anaesthetist (MD)       :0 1
v) Paediatrician (MD or DCH) :0 1
vi) Ophthalmologist (MS) :0 1
vii) ENT Surgeon (MS)       :0 1
viii) Radiologist (MD) :0 1
ix) Pathologist (MD or DCP) & Blood Bank In-charge :0 1
x) Orthopedic Surgeon :0 1
xi) Microbiologist (MD) :0 1
xii) Psychiatrist (MD) :0 1
xiii) Forensic Specialist (MD) :0 1
xiv) Public Health Manager ( MD (SPM)/DPH) :0 1
xv) Epidemiologist :0 1


STAFF NURSE:                                                                                   

1)      K. Lugailiu, Sister i/c

2)      Khiukiamliu Gonmei

3)      MachamthuiCharenamei

4)      Th. Solome

5)      Dinah Kamei

6)      M.G. Akhuanliu

7)      Soihiamliu

8)      Rebecca Golmei

9)      Meithonliu

10)    Bamgailiu


i) MSO    (attached to CMO’s Office)  :1 0
ii) MSK :0 1
iii) Pharmacist – A. Mocha  :1 3
iv) FHS – Phakhohat :1 0
v) Radiographer –Y.  Dimar Singh :1 1
vi) OT Technician :0 2
vii) U/S Technician :0 1
viii) Ophthalmic Assistant (PMOA) – Md. Iqbal Ahmad :1 1
ix) Audiologist :0 1
x) ECG Technician :0 1
xi) Lab Technician – L. Chandra Singh &Itocha Singh :2 2
xii) Assistant LT – Komol   :1 0
xiii) Blood Bank Lab Technician :0 1
xiv) LT (NVBDCP) :1 0
xv) Driver – Md. Nizamuddin :1 2
xvi) Accountant – Meijiangam Kamei :1 (NRHM) 0
xvii) Data Manager – WahengbamRaju Singh :1 (NRHM) 0
xviii) Counselor (FW) :1 (NRHM) 0
xix) Medical Record Officer :0 1
xx) CSSD Technician – L. Sanatomba Singh :1 1
xxi) Dresser – K. Agundai :1 0
xxii) Grade IV :24 0
  1) Mathiuripou    
  2) Ramanliu    
  3) Khundiliu    
  4) Gaikhomlungliu    
  5) Meibonliu    
  6) Luhoiliu    
  7) Akhuliu    
  8) Kachungailiu    
  9) Akiuliu    
  10) Gendinang    
  11) Tadiwang    
  12) Kaihibuiyang – masalchi    
  13) Hubi    
  14) Namgakliu - sweeper    
  15) Ramkham – sweeper    
  16) Sangdin – dhobi    
  17) K. Lungphak    
  18) T. Meiphun Maring    
  19) W. Dangsawa    
  20) Guiriangkham    
  21) K. Kingong    
  22) Gongjengliu    
  23) Lunaimei – utilized at PHC Khoupum    
  24) K. Athouliu – utilized at PHC Khoupum    





a) Specialist doctors: EXISTING REQUIREMENT
  i) Medical Specialist 0 1
  ii) General Surgeon 0 1
  iii) Obs & Gynaecologist 0 1
  iv) Anaesthetist 0 1
b) Medical Officers (MBBS) 4 4
  i) Dr. Sunil Kamei MO i/c    
  ii) Dr. A. Swarnalata Devi    
  iii) Dr. Stephen Kamei    
  iv) Dr. Tiankulung Kamei (Under transfer to PHC Tousem)    
c) Dental Surgeon 2 0
  i) Dr. Ph. Yaima Singh    
  ii) Dr. James Barium    
d) AYUSH Physician 2 0
  i) Dr. Ningneilhing Laino    
  ii) Dr. Salam Chingkheinganba Meitei    
e) Staff Nurses 7 0
  1) AS Aphi (utilized at the DH/Tml)    
  2) Yangneining Serto    
  3) Y. Bhagirot Singh    
  4) L. Rekhaja Devi (NRHM)    
  5) ND Bamdiliu (NRHM)    
  6) Gaipuilu Kamei (NRHM)    
  7) Rahap Gonmei (NRHM) – utilized at the DH/Tml    
f) FHS – L. Sanatonmbi Devi 0 1
g) FHW/ANM 4 0
  1) Kh. Bimola Devi    
  2) G. Lakhmi    
  3) Lalthuankim    
  4) Adim Khumba (NRHM)    
h) Microscopist – L. Naresh Singh 1 0
i) MHW – G. Gaikhonlung    
j) Pharmacist 0 1
k) Driver 0 1
l) Ophthalmic Assistant – Y. Babhudhon Singh 1 0
m) X-ray Technician/Radiographer 0 1
n) CSSD 0 1
o) OT Technician 4 0
p) Lab Technician 4 0
  1) R. Rengther (RNTCP)    
  2) Basanta Singh (ICTC)    
  3) Donthaongamliu (NVBDCP)    
  4) H. Shyamo Singh    
q) Dhobi 0 1
r) Gaibidimliu - Sweeper 1 1
s) Ward attendants / Gr. IV 6 0
  1) Gengdunlung    
  2) Khangchungliu    
  3) G. Athou    
  4) Diphunliu    
  5) Gaishalung (utilized at PHC Khoupum)    
  6) Daniel Pamei    




            1. Kh. Anjali Devi – LHV

            2. H. Sanajaoba Sharma – Community Organiser

            3. Kairungba Kamei – Computer      

            4. R.K. Aneipou – Driver (utilized at the Family Welfare Tamenglong)



a)      PHSC Khongsang:

i)     Non-functioning due to the building occupation by the land-donor. There is also no quarter for the staff posted at the PHSC. But routine immunization is being carried out monthly by the FHW posted at the CHC.

ii)     FHW – NIL .

iii)    MPW – YumnamSonamani Singh (NRHM)

iv)    Pharmacist – NIL

v)    Chowkidar – NIL


b)      PHSC MuktiKhullen: (hard to reach area)

i)       S. Sangeeta Devi – FHW (NRHM) : Require one additional FHW

ii)       MPW / MHW – NIL

iii)      Pharmacist – NIL

iv)      G. Athui – Grade IV

v)      No staff quarter


c)      PHSC Longpi: (very hard to reach area)

i)       FHW – NIL. Simata FHW (NRHM) from PHSC Sonpram is being utilized at Longpi PHSC

ii)       Mr. LanchungThaimei – Pharmacist

iii)      Md. RiazulHaque – MHW

iv)      Chowkidar – NIL

v)       No staff quarter


d)      PHSC Longkaiphun: (very hard to reach area)

i)        L. Sunita Devi – FHW (NRHM)

ii)       Ruthie Lalbiekrem – FHW (FW)

iii)      MHW/MPW – NIL

iv)      Pharmacist – NIL

v)      Chowkidar – NIL

vi)      PHSC is building less (though construction of PHSC was approved by the SHS)


e)      PHSC Gallon: (hard to reach area)

i)        FHW – AhoiChiru (NRHM)

ii)       FHW – L. Anita Devi (FW)

iii)       MPW – NIL

iv)      Pharmacist – NIL

v)      Chowkidar - NIL


1.      Medical Officers:

i)       Dr. K. Kaguilan, MO i/c

ii)       Dr. Gaithailiu Kamei, MO

iii)      Dr. GaipuLongmei, MO

2.      AYUSH: Dr. AthokpamSurjit Singh

3.      Nurses:

a)      P. Chingkhiuliu, S/N

b)      PathonkimChiru, S/N (NRHM)

c)      JaojiannaRongmei, S/N (NRHM)

d)      Lumpuilu, FHW

e)      Tamphamani, FHW

4.      LT (NVBDCP) – Lukhamlu

5.      Mr. S. Guna, Microscopist

6.      Grade IV:

i)         Gingam

ii)        Gaishalung (CHC Nungba)

iii)        Lunaimei (DH/Tml)

iv)       K. Athouliu (DH/Tml)



a)      PHSC Nungleiband:

i)         FHW - NIL

ii)         MHW/MPW – NIL

iii)        Pharmacist – NIL

iv)        Chowkidar – NIL


b)      PHSC Luwanglong:

i)          FHW – ThankunaGangmei (NRHM)

ii)          Mr. Gaijuanlung – MHW 

iii)         Mr. Johnson Kangjam – MPW (NRHM)

iv)         Pharmacist – NIL

v)         Chowkidar – NIL

PHC NONEY: 24 x 7

Medical Officers:

1.      Dr. GairanlungThaimei, MO i/c

2.      Dr. Meijinlu  Louisa Golmei, MO

Staff Nurses:

1.      Tabitha Gangmei (NRHM)

2.      Archi Arambam (NRHM)

FHS: Ngouniliu


1.      Leah Dangmei

2.      Gaikhuiliu

3.      Bijeta Devi (NRHM) – RBSK

Other Para-medical Staff:

4.      Dr. Y. Ibohal Singh – AYUSH Pharmacist (NRHM)

5.      R.T. Akung – Pharmacist

6.      S.P. Dimpu – Microscopist

7.      KasangaiGolmei – LT (NRHM)

8.      Keilash Singh LT (ICTC)

9.      U. AreiChiru – MHS

10.  Grade IV:

i)      Poukhonlung

ii)      R. Ningting

iii)     SanayaimaKabui

iv)     K.G. Lungkuni

11.  Require one driver (One DI vehicle was allotted for Noney PHC)


1. Th. Hemabati – FHS

            2. P. Kaphunlung – Community Organizer

            3. P.G. Lungaikhuan – Extension Educator

            4. Kh. Shyamkanhai – Computer

            5. Mariam Gangmei - ANM





a)      Thangal (Longjang) PHSC: (hard to reach area)

i)      FHW – NIL. (Ms. Luxmiliu FHW (NRHM) is being utilized from PHSC Khongshang)

ii)      MHW/MPW – NIL

iii)      Pharmacist – NIL

iv)     Grade IV – Thanga Sing

v)      Chowkidar – NIL


b)      Dolang PHSC: (hard to reach area)

i)       FHW – AneiThoithak

ii)      FHW – SD  AtheiChiru

iii)      MHW/MPW – NIL

iv)      Pharmacist – NIL

v)      Chowkidar/Grade IV – K.S. Shonhpa


c)      Rangkhung PHSC:

i)       FHW – Amana Kamei (NRHM)

ii)      MHW/MPW – NIL

iii)      Pharmacist – NIL

iv)      Chowkidar – NIL

v)       It is building less


d)      Awangkhul PHSC:

i)       The new building is yet to hand over to the medical department.

ii)       FHW (NRHM) – PG Gaipuilu (Require one additional FHW)

iii)       Pharmacist – NIL

iv)       MPW – TakhellambamJiteshwor Singh

v)        Chowkidar – NIL


e)      Nungnang PHSC: (hard to reach area)

i)      FHW – K. Khugaliu

ii)      FHW (NRHM) – Gaingamliu Lucy

iii)     Pharmacist – NIL

iv)     Chowkidar – NIL



Medical Officers:

1.      Dr. JendumGolmei – MO i/c

2.      Dr. Francis Thaingamlung Daimei, MO – undergoing  PG (Psychiatry)


1.      Dr. M. Rajkumar Singh (NRHM)

2.      Dr. ThongamKhetrajit Singh (NRHM)

Staff Nurse:

1.      Daffodil Kamei (NRHM)

2.      Damari Barium (NRHM)


1.      R. Nampanliu

2.      Babee Kamei (NRHM)

3.      Elizabeth Gonmei (NRHM)

4.      SD AtheiChiru

5.      Pharmacist: Th. Premchand

Microscopist: N. Priyojit Singh

MHS: RK Ibomcha Singh

MHW: Th. Joychandra Singh

Grade IV:

i)     K. Gaipuilu

ii)    Sangbonliu – sweeper

iii)    Chowkidar - NIL




a)      Nurathel PHSC: (very hard to reach area)

i)      FHW – Mary JianguiGangmei (NRHM)

ii)      MHW – Kahodim

iii)     MPW – Laishom Robin Singh (NRHM)

iv)     Grade – W. Mani Singh

v)      Pharmacist - NIL

vi)     Require two additional FHWs (1 in place)

vii)    PHSC Building and barrack type quarter is completed but situated far away from the inhabitants of the village


b)      Thingra PHSC: (hard to reach area)

i)       FHW – Atonpi (NRHM)

ii)       MHW/MPW – NIL

iii)      Pharmacist - NIL

iv)      Grade IV – Nambonang


c)      Nagaching PHSC: (very hard to reach area)

i)      FHW – Lusingongliu (NRHM)

ii)      MHW – Md. Saffiulla Shah

iii)     Pharmacist – NIL

iv)     Chowkidar / Grade IV – Kaigengdin

v)      Require additional FHW


a)      Taobam PHSC:

i)      FHW – Lucy (NRHM)

ii)      Require one additional FHW

iii)     Pharmacist – Ng. ShamiliMoyon – utilized at the District Hospital

iv)     MHW – Ch. Gojen Singh

v)      Grade IV – Namcheipou



PHSCs under District Hospital


b)      Sonpram PHSC: (hard to reach area)

i)      FHW – Akamliu (FW)

ii)     FHW – LeishelMaring (utilized at Chaton PHSC from Sonpram PHSC)

iii)     MHW – A. Chandramani Singh

iv)    MPW – N. Jacobou (NRHM)

v)     Chowkidar – Tagongpou

vi)     The land donor is yet to hand over the PHSC building.


c)      Wairangba PHSC: (hard to reach area)

i)       FHW – RK Devi

ii)      Pharmacist – NIL

iii)      MHW/MPW - NIL

iv)     Chowkidar – Ramchang


d)      Dailong PHSC:

i)       FHW – Rebecca

ii)       FHW – Ganpuilu (NRHM) – utilized at Sonpram PHSC

iii)       MHW – Thomas Pamei

iv)      MPW – ThounoujamSamarendra Singh

v)       Chowkidar – NIL


e)      Nrianglong PHSC:

i)       FHW – R.K. Damaris

ii)      FHW – Kahaoliu – RBSK

iii)      FHW – Rita (FW)

iv)     MPW – LivingsonRongmei

v)      Grade IV – R.K. Aphian


f)       Akhui PHSC:

i)       FHW – Alakliu (FW)

vi)     MHW – G. Khellakpou

vii)     Chowkidar – NIL


g)      Taobam PHSC:

vi)     FHW – Lucy (NRHM)

vii)     Require one additional FHW

viii)    Pharmacist – Ng. ShamiliMoyon – utilized at the District Hospital

ix)      MHW – Ch. Gojen Singh

x)      Grade IV – Namcheipou


PHC TAMEI: 24 x 7


Medical Officers: NIL

1.      Dr. Singamlung, MO – undergoing PG


1.      Dr. Popa D. Robin Chiru (NRHM) - RBSK

2.      Dr. SuchitraThongam (NRHM) - RBSK

3.      Dr. UsharaniThongam (NRHM) - RBSK

Staff Nurse:

1.      Kenkhamliu

2.      Lugaina (NRHM)

3.      AdinliuWeenamui (NRHM)


FHS: Chunleibui


Pharmacist: A. Shantikumar


i)        Vincent Kamei (NRHM) – utilized at District Hospital

ii)       Sanatomaba (ICTC)

iii)       Maria N (RNTCP)

 Grade IV:

i)        Thonkambou

ii)        Kinrilengliu

iii)       Pouramlungbou


i)        Require 2 MBBS MOs [only one MBBS doctor in place)



            1. S. Mangi Singh – Computer

            2. Meirijinliu – FHW




a)      PHSC Chaton: (very hard to reach area)

i)       FHW – NIL

ii)       MPW – ThaonaojamHemchand Singh

iii)      Pharmacist – Th. Mamata Devi

iv)      Grade IV – Charajanbou


b)      PHSC Lenglong: (hard to reach area)

i)      FHW – NIL

ii)     MHW/MPW – NIL

iii)     Pharmacist – NIL

iv)    Chowkidar – NIL


c)      PHSC Kabonram (Taloulong): (hard to reach area)

i)       FHW – NIL

ii)       MHW – W. Ranjit Singh

iii)      Pharmacist – NIL

iv)      Chowkidar – NIL



Medical Officers:

1.      Dr. Felix B Kamei – MO i/c

2.      Dr. Thon Thon – did not join after completing her PG

3.      Dr. Dishingam – Undergoing PG


1.      Dr. Thuigongliu Gonmei (NRHM)

2.      Dr. KhangembaNganthoi (NRHM) – RBSK

Staff Nurse:

1.      RakhiRiamei (NRHM)

2.      GuigongliuPanmei (NRHM)

3.      Keithonjenliu (NRHM)



Pharmacist: Th. Brajakhan

Microscopist: l. Tarun Singh


Chowkidar: NIL

Grade IV: AreiChiru




a)      PHSC New Kaiphundai: (hard to reach area)

i)      FHW – Pouningthungliu (FW)

ii)      MHW – Md. Manikhan

iii)     Pharmacist – NIL

iv)     Chowkidar – NIL


b)      PHSC Longkao (Nungkao): (hard to reach area)

i)       FHW – Aguina Kamei

ii)       FHW – Donkumei (FW)

iii)      MHW – R.K. Ranbir Singh

iv)      MPW – R.K. Rohen Singh

v)       Grade IV – Sabungam


PHC TOUSEM: (Very Hard to reach area)

Medical Officers:          

1.      MO – i) Dr. Ramcharan Sharma ii) Dr. K. Bipin Singh

2.      AYUSH MO – i) Dr. Suchitra Devi – RBSK ii) Dr. Chingkheihenba – RBSK

3.      MHS – AwarJatung

4.      Staff Nurse – NIL

5.      FHW – Mrs. Kahaoliu – RBSK

6.      Pharmacist – NIL

7.      MHW/MPW – NIL

8.      LT – NIL

9.      Grade IV – KuameZeme

10.  Chowkidar – NIL

11.  Require 4 grade IVs (only 1 in place)

12.  Require one barrack type quarter


            1. M. Mani Singh – Community Organiser

            2. A.K. Thiusongliu – FHW (utilized at Family Welfare Tamenglong)



a)                  PHSC Aben: (very hard to reach area)

i)          FHW – Ebangle (NRHM)

ii)         Require 1 additional FHW

iii)         Pharmacist – NIL

iv)        MHW – R.K. Akam

v)         MPW – ThongamRanjit Singh (NRHM)

vi)        Chowkidar – NIL


b)                  PHSC Atengba: (very hard to reach area)

i)          FHW – NIL

ii)          Pharmacist – NIL

iii)         MHW – G. Athiu

iv)         Grade IV – R. Hubuiyang


c)                  PHSC Namtiram: (very hard to reach area)

i)          FHW - G. NingoleiRongmei

ii)         FHW – Namdithuanliu (NRHM)

iii)         Pharmacist – NIL

iv)         MHW – RK Namgo

v)          Chowkidar – NIL

vi)          PHSC building is not suitable to work. It is in a deplorable condition


d)                  PHSC Taningjam: (very hard to reach area)

i)          FHW – Pousamrangtuile (NRHM)

ii)          MHW – Shierpa

iii)         Pharmacist – NIL

iv)         Gr. IV – Thiudonang










PHSC NONEY: Proposed to shift to Longchai village, Tousem Sub-division

1.                  M. Joykumar Singh – Pharmacist

2.                  Kh. Indramani Singh – MHS   

PHSC SONGPHEL KHULLEN: Proposed to shift to Duiluan Part II (Wairangba)

1.                  LaityangpiAimol – FHW

2.                  Adimliu – Grade IV



Immunisation Cell:

District Immunization Officer: Dr. NamjupouPanmei


Supporting Staff:

Office Assistant: Md. Rahimuddin

Data Entry Operator:

Cashier: Kairungba, Computo


There are altogether 22 staff under DIO, Family Welfare Services, Tamenglong





District TB Control Society, Tamenglong:


Chairman: Deputy Commissioner – C. Arthur W, IAS

Vice-Chairman: Chief Medical Officer – Dr. Chambo Gonmei

Member Secretary: District TB Officer – Dr. Chambo Gonmei


Tuberculosis Unit: 1 – Tamenglong

1.                  Mr. S. Ibomcha Singh – STS (RNTCP)

2.                  Mr. W. Binod Singh – STLS (RNTCP)

District TB Centre: Designated Microscopy Centre (DMC)

1.                  MO – TC: NIL

2.                  DRTB/HIV Sr. Supervisor – GangamMalangmei (RNTCP)

3.                  DEO – Rajanglung Gonmei (RNTCP)

4.                  AthuanPamai – LT (RNTCP)

5.                  Namthiuliu – LHV

6.                  LumjennaDangmei – FHW

7.                  Itocha – LT

8.                  Manglem – BCG Technician

9.                  Sangjetueng – Chowkidar

10.              N. Shamo Singh – Driver (RNTCP)

Nungba CHC/DMC:

R. Rengther – LT


Tamei PHC/DMC:

1.                  Maria – LT

Noney PHC/DMC:

1.                  LT – NIL





District Vector Borne Diseases Control Programme: DVBDCP:


Chairman: Deputy Commissioner: Shri C. Arthur W, IAS

Vice-Chairman: Chief Medical Officer: Dr. Chambo Gonmei

Member Secretary: District Malaria Officer: Dr. AzinMaringmei


Technical Support Staff:

1.      Consultant: G. PhilipRongmei

2.      Malaria Technical Supervisor (MTS): 2

a)   Makiumanang Gonmei

b)   S. Barium

3.      Namduanlung, MHS

4.      Meironpou, MHS

5.      L. Brjendro Singh, MHS

6.      K. Indramani, MHS




District Leprosy Control Society, Tamenglong:


Chairman: Deputy Commissioner: Shri C. Arthur W, IAS

Vice- Chairman: Chief Medical Officer: Dr. Chambo Gonmei

Member Secretary: District Leprosy Officer: Dr. Edwin Golmei


Supporting Staff:

1.    PurnachandPanmei, HE

2.    Rajen Kamei, LT

3.    PG Kaphundai, NMA

4.    L. Bihari, driver

5.    Irei, NMA




Chairman: Deputy Commissioner: Shri C. Arthur W, IAS

District Surveillance Officer: Chief Medical Officer: Dr. Chambo Gonmei

District Nodal Officer / Member Secretary: Dr. RochunlungSavio Kamei, MO/DH


Technical Support Staff:

1.       Data manger – Konsam Premchand Singh

2.       Data Entry Operator – Lungkingong Gonmei




Chairman: Deputy Commissioner: Shri C. Arthur W, IAS

Vice- Chairman: Chief Medical Officer: Dr. Chambo Gonmei

Member Secretary: District AIDS Control Officer: Dr. Z. Kamei


District AIDS Control Unit (DAPCU):

District AIDS Control Officer (DACO)/DAO: Dr. Z. Kamei


Technical Support Staff:

1.      District Supervisor – DinganlungRiamei

2.      Programme Assistant-cum-Accountant – Lanchungrei Kamei

3.      M & E Assistant - NIL

4.      Driver –cum-attendant – Jaikanlung Gonmei

ICTC: Tamenglong:

1.      Counselor – LungkamliuPanmei

2.      Lab Technician – N. Ranjit Singh

PPTCT: Tamenglong:

1.      Counselor – AchamaKironGangmei

2.      Lab Technician – Chaoba Singh

ICTC: Nungba CHC:

1.      Counselor – Drujendro Singh

2.      Lab Technican – L.Basanta Singh

ICTC: Noney PHC:

1.      Counselor – Dihsingbuiliu (Lucy)

2.      Lab Technician – Keilash Singh

ICTC: Tamei PHC:

1.      Counselor –RingsinliuPanmei

2.      Lab Technician – Sanatomba Singh

Mobile ICTC:

1.      Counselor –RiangjanliuPamei

2.      Lab Technician – Joel Gonmei

3.      Attendant – Luihungbe

4.      Driver – NH. Wangleng



1.      Counselor – R.K. Guiduansingliu

2.      LT - NIL


ARTC: Tamenglong:

1.      Medical Officer – Dr. GuidiathiuKahmei

2.      Counselor – LukhuanliuPanmei

3.      Pharmacist – Jangnina Kamei

4.      Care Coordinator – ChangkhanlungPanmei

5.      Lab Technician – MeichunlungPanmei

6.      Data Manager – R.K. Moses

7.      Staff Nurse – AdiliuPamei




It was a milestone in the history of the Tamenglong District Hospital that a major surgical operation organized by the District Health Mission Society, Tamenglong under the initiative of the State Health Society, Manipur and District Administration of Tamenglong was conducted successfully at the new RSVY Operation Theatre [OT] building constructed under the District Rural Development Authority [DRDA] by a team of surgeons, anesthetists, gynaecologist, nurses and paramedical staff from the Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Medical Science [JNIMS], Porompat, Imphal, on 7-8 June 2013.  Operation was carried out at the new OT building inaugurated by JanghemlungPanmei, MLA 53 A/C Tamenglong, on 5 June 2013 in the presence of C. Arthur W, IAS, Deputy Commissioner, Tamenglong, Dr. Chambo Gonmei, CMO, Tamenglong and other dignitaries.  Altogether 10 major surgical and obstetric cases were operated successfully for the first time in Tamenglong.

The aim of the “Surgical Outreach Tamenglong” is to reach out to the poor and underprivileged people of this remote district in Manipur, where many people are deprived of simple surgical intervention in the District Hospital. Many cases are being referred to Imphal and elsewhere for further treatment and management as there is not a single specialist doctor posted and with no proper infrastructure in the District Hospital. Preventable deaths have been occurring owing to lack of infrastructure such as blood bank and nonfunctioning surgical theatre. Poor road communication and 150 km long distance from Tamenglong to Imphal have added to the problems.

Today, one can gradually see the light at the end of the tunnel in Tamenglong district. With the political and administrative commitment, many developmental works and programmes can be carried out to reach the unreached and save the lives of many poor and sick people living in the interior region of the district.

There are 25 MBBS Medical Officers only in the whole Tamenglong District presently working. 3 MBBS MOs are presently undergoing PG at RIMS and elsewhere. There are supposed to be approximately 40 Medical Officers as well as 15 specialist doctors for District Hospital (11), CHC (4) and PHCs for the whole Tamenglong District as per the state sanctioned post and IPHS. There is no specialist doctors posted at Tamenglong District. The district is in short of 33 (55 – 22) specialists and Medical Officers. Nurses and other paramedical staffs at the District Hospital are understaffed.  Hence, the state government’s attention is needed urgently for smooth functioning of the District Hospital as well as other peripheral health institutions by posting adequate specialist doctors, nurses and paramedical staff.  Till the required specialist doctors are posted at the District Hospital, the goodwill surgical operation outreach of such kind has to be continued. At least once a month or according to the needs and requirement in the near future in the public interest is imperative.

The following were the team from JNIMS who carried out operations (Surgery & Gynaecology & Obstetrics cases) on 7 & 8 June 2014:

1.       Dr. N. Jitendra Singh, Associate Professor (Surgery), JNIMS

2.       Dr. S. Thoibahenba Singh, Assistant Professor (Anesthesiology) JNIMS

3.       Dr. Helen Kamei, Assistant Professor (Obst&Gynae) JNIMS

4.       Dr. P. Pritam, Sr. Resident, Department of Anesthesiology, JNIMS

5.       Dr. Ramthaipou Kamei, Sr. Resident, Department of Surgery, JNIMS

6.       Dr. Wormi, Sr. Resident, Department of Surgery, JNIMS

7.       Dr. Joana, Sr. Resident, Department of Anesthesiology, JNIMS

8.       Dr. GraceyMajachungliu, PG student RIMS

9.       L. Jayanti, Sterile Room Technician, JNIMS

10.   N. Sanayaima, OT Assistant, JNIMS

11.   N. Rocky, OT Assistant, JNIMS

12.   M. Lucy, Staff Nurse, JNIMS

13.   O. Nevia, Staff Nurse, JNIMS

14.   E. Sanayaima, OT Assistant, JNIMS

15.   MD. Firoz, OT Assistant, JNIMS

Total number of cases conducted:

At least 12 major cases and 10 minor cases were carried out (4 LSCS, 1 Cholecystectomy, 2 Hydrocele and 5 inguinal & umbilical hernia); 10 minor cases

Till today 6th Surgical Outreach Camp had been carried out successfully in the month of June 2014. Altogether 64 major cases and 68 minor cases were conducted at the new OT building.

Under the Innovation scheme of NRHM the “Surgical Outreach Camp” will continue if possible on every alternate month or monthly depending on the availability of fund and till specialist doctors are posted in the District Hospital, Tamenglong.


From 6 to 8 January 2014 a Special Mega Eye Care Camp was organized at the District Hospital by the Manipur State Blindness Society under NPCB. The Eye Surgeons were 1. Dr. Kamininanu Singh, State Programme Officer, 2. Dr. L. Chaoba Singh, 3. Dr. Anthony Kamson. As many as 300 patients were screened for various eye ailments. Altogether 22 patients were operated for cataract successfully and 17 minor cases on the second day. Free medicines and spectacles were distributed freely to the patients.



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