Tamenglong PHE Division, Public Health Engineering Department, Government of Manipur

Tamenglong PHE Division is one of the 18 divisional offices of the PHE Department, Manipur headed by Executive Engineer.  The Chief Engineer is the head of the Department and Additional Chief Engineer works directly under the Chief Engineer. The monitoring of departmental activities is divided into three circles. Each of the circles is headed by Superintending Engineer. Tamenglong PHE Division is under Rural Circles No. I and the Executive Engineer of the Division is the head in the district. There are 3 (three) Sub-Divisions in the district viz: Sub Division No. I, II & III. Sub-division no. I looks after Tamei block and portion of Tousem block, Sub-division no. II looks after Tamenglong block and portion of Tousem block and Sub-division no. III looks after Nungba and Khoupum block of the district. Each sub-division is controlled by one Assistant Engineer. Section Officers work under Assistant Engineer.


Tamenglong PHE Division deals with planning, execution and operation and maintenance of Rural Water Supply Schemes, Sanitation programmes, Water Quality Monitoring and Surveillance programme in the district. Globally in the present days drinking water problem is not only in terms of availability of quantity but also quality of the water available. The primary objective of the programmes taking up by the department is to ensure the availability of adequate quantity of drinking water of accepted quality. Health and hygiene of individuals depend on adequate availability of drinking water and proper sanitation. There is a direct relationship between water, sanitation and health. The activities which are being implemented by the Public Health Engineering Department in the district are:

1.      National Rural Drinking Water Programme (NRDWP)

2.      Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan (NBA) (Formerly Total Sanitation Campaign)

3.      National Water Quality Monitoring and Surveillance Programme (NWQMSP)

4.      Support Activities.

1.      National Rural Drinking Water Programme (NRDWP)

There are 170 villages with 269 habitations in Tamenglong District as per the implementation of water supply programmes. Water supply schemes have been implemented in   all the habitations (Census habitations). Rehabilitation, improvement and extension of water supply schemes are implementing from time to time in the district. As per the Guidelines NRDWP, the water supply level for rural habitation is 55 liters per capita per day (lpcd). Most of the schemes taking up by the department in the district are surface water supply with gravity feed piped water tapping from stream.  Spot source development, installation hand pumps and Roof top rainwater harvesting are also being taken up the department in Tamenglong District.


2.      Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan / Total Sanitation Campaign:      

Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan is a comprehensive programme to ensure sanitation facilities in rural areas with broader goal to eradicate the practice of open defecation. The programme gives strong emphasis on Information, Education and Communication (IEC), Capacity Building and Hygiene Education for effective behaviour change with involvement of village authorities, all villagers, NGOs etc. The components of the programme consist of construction of Individual household latrines (IHHL) in every household in the district, Institutional Sanitation, Community Sanitary Complex, supported by Rural Sanitary Marts (RSMs) and Production Centers (PCs). To give fillip to this endeavor, GOI has launched Nirmal Gram Puraskar to recognize the efforts in terms of cash awards for fully covered villages and those individuals and institutions who have contributed significantly in ensuring full sanitation coverage in their area of operation. In Tamenglong district, 12,000 latrines for individuals BPL have been constructed. 40 Community Sanitary Complexes and schools toiets in 212 schools have been constructed.


3.      National Water Quality Monitoring and Surveillance Programme (NWQMSP)

The National Rural Drinking Water Quality Monitoring & Surveillance Programme was launched in February 2006 (2005-06). The prime objective of programme is community participation and involvement of villagers for water quality monitoring & surveillance of drinking water sources.

The secondary objectives of the programme include survey of the various kinds of water sources, prevention of pollution of drinking water; and educating the public in conservation of the quantity and quality of water through awareness campaigns, community participation and health education programmes. In Tamenglong district, Awareness Campaign in block level as well as in grass root level have been conducted since 2009 in different centers with clusters of villages in the district. As a part of the campaign, training on Field Testing Kits (FTK) are given to villagers to enable them to test water themselves. There is a District Water Testing Laboratory at Tamenglong District Headquarters with well trained Chemist and Lab. Assistant that conduct water samples collected from different sources of the district. The Tamenglong PHE division of PHED targets to test at least 2 times (pre monsoon & monsoon) for every source in a year.


4.      Support Activities

Support Activities are the activities that develop and motivate people participation in implementation of works taking up by the department. Information, Education and Communication (IEC) play an important role as Support Activities that will enhance the programme implemented by the department. Awareness Campaigns conducted at village level have created rural population the demand for sanitation facilities that will promote quality of life. The department has taken up activities in interpersonal communication, wall paintings, hoardings, street plays, Mass rally, Awareness Week etc. in Tamenglong District.