District officer,
Tribal Affairs & Hills,


The activities of the Department is supplementary in nature of the Scheduled Tribes and Scheduled Castes family of Manipur. The main objective of the Department is to implement income generating schemes element to the below property line family. The work programmes has two sectors viz:-




Under this schemes has, various programmes implemented like:- Agriculture, Horticulture, Animal Husbandry, Fisheries, Poultries, Piggeries, Industries, Women’s & Children Programmes, Medical & Health, and Education etc.

Under this programmes, Construction/Repairing of Roads, Bridges, School buildings, Community Halls, Hostels, water supply’s Minor irrigation etc.

Tribal Welfare Office was installed in Imphal in 1976 with Shri. Prongo MCS as it first Director. This Directorate was created for the welfare of Scheduled Tribes and Scheduled Caste of Manipur. state . The nomenclature of the Directorate alter from time to time according to the decision of the government cabinet, in 1989 with the cabinet decision 6 six branch Offices were created in the hills namely:- Churachandpur, Chandel Ukhurul, Sanapati, Tamenglong and Gamnom Sapermeina in Sadar Hills, to minimise the problems faced by the Scheduled Tribes and Scheduled Castes of Manipur. At this the Directorate was name as Directorate for Dev. of Scheduled Tribes and Scheduled Caste, During this period the branch Offices were headed by the Deputy Director except gamnom sapermeina which was headed by Asst. Director. Development works and schemes were decentralised.

The above schemes/programmes are change from time to times. There is a State Level Work Advisory Board. The policies and work programmes is formatted by this Board every year. There is a District level Beneficiary selection Committee in all five hill districts and Asst. Director Gamnom: Sapermeina. This committee is authorised to identify and recommend the deserving beneficiaries and other work programmes of the concerned district.  

In 2011 there was a great change of this department, Autonomous District Council Election was held and all matters relating to Scheduled Caste and their welfare which was with the Directorate for Development of Tribal & Scheduled Caste was transferred to the Directorate for Minorities & other Backward Classes and the parent Directorate was renamed as Tribal Affairs & Hills Department, with this alteration policy the programme was centralised once again. ADC was granted 50% of fund from the TA & Hills Dept. Therefore the District Offices could not implement the previous programme till today.

However there is a new schemes to be commence from this year 2013-14 for all ST & SC students who are studying in Class IX & X as (Pre-metric scholarship).The nomenclature of the Directorate is renamed as Tribal Affairs, Hills & Scheduled Caste Development since the Scheduled Caste Welfare had been transferred back to the TA & Hills Department. This new schemes is in addition to the previous post metric scholarship. Forms will be available in this office or individuals can down load from the website www.tahmanipur.gov.in  or www.manipur.gov.in/forms.htm

1. Shri M.Jilla Singh District Officer (TA&H) Tamenglong.
2. Shri Ng. Chandbabu Singh E.O/Agri. (TA &H) Tamenglong.
3. Shri OK.Gunamani Singh S.O. (TA&H) Tamenglong
4. Shri Pg. Khangmeijin S.O. (TA&H) Tamenglong
5. Shri. R.K. Pongamang RM (TA&H) Tamenglong
6. Shri Md. Abdul Matalib RM (TA&H) Tamenglong
7. Shri Heujinggaing Panme LDC (TA&H) Tamenglong
8. Shri Hongenang Gonmei Peon
9. K. Khellanang Peon
10. Tingsangbonliu Peon
At the present this office has no much Development work since all development project and schemes are centralised. District offices are existing nominally till today.