Zonal Education Office (ZEO), Tamenglong

The Zonal Education Office is located at the Old Treasury, Tamenglong HQ. Formally it was call District Education Office but under Government of Manipur Policy, it was converted to Zonal Education Office.

Zonal Education Office Supervise the schools under Education (S), upto the level of High School and Higher Secondary Schools. Though Primary Education is under ADC, most of the schools are under ZEO including Grant-in-Aid and SSA. So it has a great responsibility in field of education.

The present staff position under ZEO’s are:

1. DIs 5 Nos.
2. AIs 3 Nos.
3. UDC 1 No.
4. LDC 4 Nos.
5. Grade IV 2 Nos.
6. Chawkidar 1 No.

The Schools under ZEO are as follows:

1. Hr. Sec. School 3 Nos.
2. High School 24 Nos.
3. Jr. High School 28 Nos.
4. Primary School 95 Nos.
5. Grant in Aid 28 Nos.
6. Ashram Schools 2 Nos.

The Teacher and Grade IV strength under ZEO Tamenglong:

1. School Teachers under General Account 186 Nos.
2. Primary Teachers under SSA  131 Nos.
3. Upper Primary Teacher under SSA 11 Nos.
4. Graduate Teacher under RMSA 24 Nos.
5. Teachers under Grant- in- Aid 48 Nos.
6. School Grade IV 28 Nos.

Requirement of staff under ZEO Office are as follows:

1. ZEO 1 No. in regular.
2. DIs 5 Nos. in regular.
3. AIs 7 Nos. in regular.
4. Head Clark 1 No. in regular.
5. UDC 1 No.
6. LDC 2 Nos.
7. Accountant 1 No.
8. Grade IV 4 Nos.
9. Regular Principals of Hr. Sec. School, Head Master and Asst. Head Master.
10. Chowkidar for every school.
11. Sufficient staff for every school with proper building and furniture.


Zonal Education Office, Tamenglong

Mid-Day-Meal        Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA)       RMSA





Mid-Day meal is a nationally sponsored flagship program which started since 1995 in Tamenglong District.


The scheme is implemented so well so far with staff of 1 ZEO, 3 DIs, 2 AIs and 2 Assistant.

The scheme covered to students reading in Classes I-V (Primary) and Classes VI-VIII (Upper Primary) both the Education and ADC Schools.

Food grain is given @ 100 gm per day per student for primary students and @ 150gm per day per Upper Primary students for 10 Months in an academic year.

Cooking cost is given @ Rs. 3.34/- only for Primary students and @ Rs. 5/- only for Upper Primary students.

One cook is engaged for a school having up to 25 students and additional cook up to 100 students and another one cook is every addition of 100 students. Cooks are engaged by concerned SMDC. Cook Honorarium are given @ Rs. 1000/- per month and likely to increase in future. Number of working days varies from month to month. Number of cooks engaged at present 511 Nos.

Number of students enrolled in Tamenglong District in the year 2013-14
Primary only                         19721 stds.
Upper Primary only                2121 stds.

Numbers of schools.           
Primary only                          296.
Upper Primary Only                42.

SMDC are formed for every schools having 14 members ( 7 males and 7 females). All SMDC had opened there Bank Account. Cooking cost and Cook Honorarium are disbursed by e-transfer through their bank account.

Food grain for the year 2013-14 has been lifted and distributed to all the schools. Funds for curry cost and cooks honorarium has fully received for the year 2013-14 and disbursed through their bank accounts.





Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan is a Flagship Programme of Government of India, to attain Universal Elementary Education in the country in a mission mode. It aims to provide useful and relevant education to all children in the age group of 6 to 14 years.


RTE Act 2009(Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009) was passed in the year 2009 and inserted in article 21A of the Indian constitution. It was enforced w.e.f 1st April 2010 all over the country except the state of Jammu and Kashmir.


In Manipur, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, State Mission Authority, Babupara, Manipur is the implementing Authority of RTE Act 2009. At district level, it is implemented by District Board of Education, Tamenglong under the chairmanship of District Magistrate, Tamenglong.


          Organizational Flowchart

District Project Officer
District Programme Manager
Accounts Officer
District Coordinators(12 interventions)
Block Resource Person( BRPs for 4 Blocks)
Cluster Resource Persons (32 CRPs for 32 clusters)
School Management and Development Committee (384 Schools)



Civil Works - Deals with all the construction activities in SSA. New Primary Schools, where village/ habitation is unserved as per the findings of the school mapping exercise via used of GPS(Global Positioning System) machine  and newly upgraded Upper Primary Schools are provided school buildings. Additional Classrooms are also provided to schools where there is less number of Classrooms and also to dilapidated schools. Separate girls’ toilet is provided to different schools which have a common toilet. Drinking water facility is also provided to schools which do not have the facility. Ramps are built in schools for barrier-free Access in schools as part of inclusive education.

  1. 52 PS and UPS in same number of unserve habitation/ village  are under construction
  2. 165 schools to be provided ramps with handrails.


Pedagogy- It focuses on the quality aspect of education. It is felt that quality in education can be improved by capacitating the teachers with training without affecting their normal teaching schedule. Hence, in service training like 10days in service training, refresher course, training of master trainers, etc are taken up in all the blocks of Tamenglong.


Kasturba Gandhi Ballika Vidyalaya- It is being set up to provide residential schooling facility at upper primary level for girls belonging to minority communities. In Tamenglong, KGBV was set up in the year 2007 at new mandu as Tousem block was the only EBB (Educationally Backward Block) in Manipur.


Residential School- It is being set up in tune with KGBV to provide schooling facilities to out of school children residing in difficult hamlets where opening of schools is not feasible. In Tamenglong, Model Residential School is set up at Rengpang, Nungba Block on 2nd May, 2011.  The academic session 2014 was started on 11th march 2014 and has 96 students comprising of 54 girls and 42 boys.


School Uniform- School uniforms to ST students and girl students are entitled @400 rupees per student. As there was 20,532 eligible students, an amount of 82,12,800 rupees was received from the State Project Office for the year 2013-2014. The said amount is transferred to the SMDC concerned bank account according to the number of enrolment in the school. The SMDC concerned procured school uniform at their level and distributed it to the students.


Free Text Books- Text Books are distributed freely to all the students studying in Government and Government Aided Schools. The District project Office collected the text books from SPO, Imphal according to the enrolment of students in the district. The books are then distributed to the respective schools by DPO, Tamenglong.


Out of school children- Special training facility is provided to Out of school children to enable the child admitted to age appropriate class as per RTE act 2009. The training is provided in residential and non residential form and may last from 3 months to 2 years as per the need of the student. 215 students were given Residential Special Training facility and 303 students received Non residential training facility in Tamenglong district in the year 2013-14. In total 516 students under NRST is availing this facility in the year 2014-15.


Computer Aided Learning- Computer Aided Learning is provided to expose students to computers at upper primary level. Its main emphasis is to broaden the knowledge of students through e-learning. 25 schools having upper primary have been installed computer laboratory in Tamenglong earlier. In the year 2013-14 7 schools are provided computer laboratory.




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