About Tamenglong Tamenglong is a district of Manipur, India.    Tamenglong is entirely composed of hills, ranges and narrow valleys. It has in its small area most of the awesome features that nature mould to a hilly terrain. This site features various aspects of the district. Hope you enjoy your visit. read more

   Oranges  are grown in  large
 scale in Tamenglong district.
 Orange  is highly poly embryonic
 species of Chinese origin. The type
 of sugar present in orange are 
 glucose and sucrose. Oranges 
 in Tamenglong are famous for its
 unique taste and enriched sugar.
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   Exotic orchids, virgin forest, rare and  
 endagered plants/animals blessed 
 Tamenglong district. A number of exquisite
 orchids are found in Tamenglong. 
 Tamenglong  is called as the Land of the 
 Hornbill.  read more
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