District Profile

Tamenglong District

Tamenglong became as full fledged District with Shri. K. Lamphel Singh, MCS,as first Deputy Commissioner, on 14th ,November, 1969 till 13th August,1972 .Tamenglong District is one of the biggest of nine districts of Manipur. It is located on the Western boundary of the state having a north-south spread bordering Assam and Nagaland state. The location of the District is from 24.59 degrees on North longitude and 93.30 E degrees on East latitude. The Altitude (above MSL) 1260 metres( 3780 ft msl),Latitude (Hq) 24.59 N, Longitude(Hq), 93.30 E,Humidity 76%(Min),92%(Max), Rainfall(HQ), 3135mm,Temperature, 31’C(Max0, 4’C(Min), Literacy 50.16%

District Boundary:

Tamenglong District is bordered by Senapati District in the North East of the District, Churachandpur District  in Southern Part of the District, Imphal West District in the South West, North Cachar Hills District (Assam) in the Western part of the District and bordered by Nagaland in Northern part of the District.

Area and Topography

Tamenglong District is located in the north eastern region of India. Total geographical area of the district is 4391 square km., which comprises of 19.70 percent of the geographical area of Manipur. The District forestland is 88 percent according to the geography forest survey of India 2011 of the total geographical area of the district.
The topography of the district is generally hilly with steep slopes with a small valley. The hill ranges generally run in the north to south direction. Five major rivers running through the district are Barak, Irang, Leimatak, Makru and Ijei. These rivers play an important role in the economic life of the people not only by providing fertile valley and fishes, but also making it feasible to take up important hydel project.


Temperature is humid and hot during summer and extreme cold during winter. Tamenglong receives good annual rainfall during rainy season from around April.

Rainfall Data

Annual Rainfall in Tamenglong district is found below 1400 mm in the south western part, 1400mm to 2000mm is found in the north eastern part and above 2000mm is found in the central north and south of the district in the months from April to October.


Generally the main soils found in the district are Red loamy soil, Red sandy soil and Red gravelly soil.

Administrative setup

For the convenience of administration the district is divided into five Block namely: Nungba,Khoupum, Tamei, Tousem and Tamenglong.

Other administrative information about the district are as follows:

Sl. No. Particulars Number
1. Total Villages 215
2. Number of Village Authority Councils 215
3. Number of Autonomous District Council  Segments 24
4. No. of Assembly Constituency 3


Population Statistics (source: primary survey)

Block Total Male Female Female Sex ratio in %
Tamenglong 55938 27891 28047 50.14%
Tamei 36361 18021 18340 50.4%
Tousem 26381 13143 13238 50.2%
Nungba 38104 18917 19187 50.3%
Total 156784 77972 78812 50.27%


Total population of Tamenglong district is 1,56,784 consisting of 77,972 males and 78,812 females.The average female sex ratio is 50.27%. Females population is slightly higher than males. However, it is almost 50-50.

Communities in the District

The Tamenglong District is dominated with different community like Rongmei, Zemei, Liangmei, Inpui, Hmar, Kuki, Chiru, Khasi, Mirki, Paite and Gangte etc. All of them belonging to Scheduled tribe.

Geographical area and Density of Population

Total Geographical area of the district is 4395 Sq Km. And the density of population is 36 person / Sq Km.

Literacy Rate

Block Number of literates Number 0f Literacy Literacy %
Total Population Male Female Male Female Total Male Female
Tamenglong 55938 27891 28047 24053 17900 75.03 86.24 63.82
Tamei 36361 18021 18340 14544 11636 72.08 80.71 63.45
Tousem 26381 13143 13238 8162 6325 54.94 62.10 47.78
Nungba 38104 18917 19187 8211 15336 73.55 81.09 66.00
Total 156784 77972 78812 62095 48515 69.83 78.25 60.26

Road Connectivity

Particulars Distance in Km
All weather road 549 Km
Fair weather Road 655 km
Total 1204 km